Curate Your Workspace
with Local Art

Connecting Emerging Artists with Businesses to
Enrich Spaces with Distinctive, Local Artworks for Businesses
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Transforming Spaces
— Discovering Artists
AR/XR Curation
Virtually place and preview artwork in your space and ensure the best fit.
Support for Local Artists
Strengthen your local art communities by connecting directly with emerging Norwich artists.
Rotate Your Selection
Keep workspaces dynamic and fresh with a rotating art selection.
Hassle-Free Installation
Streamline the art acquisition process with professional installation services.
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Support Local
Talent, Effortlessly
You're not just decorating your space with local art, you're supporting emerging artists.
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Customised to
Your Business Needs
Each business is unique, and so is the art it needs. Our platform offers a range of options, from large statement pieces to small collections. We'll fit your atmosphere perfectly.
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Efficient & Secure Transactions
We value your time and security. Our streamlined processes ensure that transactions are quick, straight forward and secure.